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We believe that experience counts when it comes to legal proceedings. Our approachable and knowledgeable team are the reason many clients have remained with us, trusting us to advise and support them in their legal matters time and time again. Our legal specialists excel at helping clients win cases and will always make dealing with complex issues as stress free as possible.

Our solicitors provide expert legal advice and services, representing individual clients in a wide range of matters.

family law

At Legal Iceland, we understand that family and personal law can be extremely sensitive areas to deal with. We ensure that every case we work on is treated with the empathy and professionalism that our clients deserve.

Legal Iceland Law Services has comprehensive knowledge and experience in this area of law as we have guided various clients through complex and often highly emotionally charged cases with the appropriate consideration. 

We provide consultation service and/or representation to clients with the dispositions of property under Icelandic inheritance law. 

We assist clients with the following: 

  • safeguarding their assets
  • drafting of wills
  • handling the preparation of required documents for heirs 
  • supervision of relevant deadlines relevant to inheritance cases
  • identifying rights and filing documents with relevant institutions
  • communication with relevant public authorities 

We provide assistance and full guidance regarding necessary paperwork so your ceremony is legal and internationally recognised worldwide.

We provide everything you wish for and require for your Icelandic wedding. Our service includes, ceremony conduction with experienced officiants both religious and non-religious, legal advice, assistance and full guidance regarding necessary paperwork, as well as plenty of beautiful locations to share with you.

In addition we offer complete wedding coordination in cooperation with our exclusive partners in the field that we are happy to introduce you to.

Further information here.

We provide information and guidance on how to shield your rights. Legal Iceland Law Services has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the area of law as we have assisted various clients through this complex process.

We provide complete advice and guidance to clients contemplating divorce or which have started divorce proceedings as well as assisting clients to prepare the necessary documents for the divorce proceeding at the District Commissioner’s Office, including financial separation-, custody and visitation agreements.

Offering guidance to our clients with mandatory mediation meetings where minor children are involved as well as representing our clients before the courts if the matter is not completed at with the District Commissioner.

Immigration law

Legal Iceland Law Services provides a wide range of services in refugee- and immigration law representing the interests of individuals.

Including application for international protection, residence- and work permits, citizenship, assessment of eligibility for short term or long term stays in Iceland.

criminal Defence law

We provide consultation and guidance on clients rights and legal situation. If unsure if legal action is a possibility for you, contact us and we will find the correct way forward together.

We provide consultation and advice on your rights and legal options. 

Legal Iceland Law Services provides legal representation to suspects of criminal acts, providing representation to our clients if arrested or interrogated as well as at arraignments, during other court appearances and the main hearing.

We create a sturdy defence strategy alongside carefully explaining evidence and charges to our client. In the event of unlawful arrest or use of force by the police, we seek compensation. 

Legal Iceland Law Services provides legal representation to victims of crimes. 

We accompany clients to interviews with the police and represent our clients interests during the criminal proceedings, monitor developments in the case and keep our clients informed and when appropriate, we attend trial and seek compensation on our clients behalf. 

Human rights law

Iceland has a progressively varied population and is therefor confronted with new challenges concerning anti-discrimination in our society. We assist individuals who have been subject to discrimination in the course of their employment or receiving services.

  • Provide consultation and advice on rights and legal options. 
  • File complaints with the relevant bodies.
  • File discrimination lawsuits before the Icelandic courts. 

corporate law

A growing number of investors are acquiring stakes in Iceland’s dynamic, enterprises or making strategic purchases in production and services related to their international activities. It has become an ideal location for investors or those looking to set up their company in Iceland.

We have experience in all matters relating to corporate law, the founding of companies and other types of business. We provide comprehensive services for various matters.

  • The establishment and registration of companies.
  • The consultancy on mergers and acquisitions.
  • The consultancy due to acquisitions.
  • Increase and decrease of shares.
  • The protection of interest against government and civil courts.
  • Trademark registration and handling

Tort and compensation

Act’s or omissions that invade any legal rights or cause a loss or detriment, amount to a civil wrong imposing a liability.

Legal Iceland assists those involved in injury to achieve their rights.

Legal representation for:

  • Personal injury claims
  • Medical negligence claims
  • The protection of personal interest against government and civil courts.

other Legal services

  • Apostille assistance
  • Notary assistance

We offer a free consultation to provide you with a broad overview of what you could achieve with us, as well as an idea of the legal costs involved. Legal Iceland’s office is located in Reykjavík but we serve our clients nation- and world wide.

For more information or to arrange an appointment contact us at

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